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In sprinkler irrigation, water is diverted to one or more key locations where it’s scattered with high pressure sprinklers.High pressure sprinklers with a range of 360° are called rotor sprinklers; water diversion can be divided into aspersa rain (on a larger scale), sprinkler lines and micro-sprinkler.

Among the most important solutions that KovamRed can offer on irrigation for gardens, lawns or residential areas are spray sprinklers, rotor type sprinklers, adjustable nozzles, programmers and various sensors.

However, sprinkler irrigation systems for gardens have the following benefits: these systems can be supplied from limited water sources (eg wells), sprinklers spew a fine rain which allows creation of a microclimate conductive to plant growth, does not break leaves, does not leave roots vulnerable, very good sprinkling uniformity, no crust is formed.

For any questions you have regarding sprinkler irrigation systems for gardens, our company offers a full range of services from the best products to analysis, projects, implementation and service.

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